NCEA Level 3 History

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Gregory

Year 13 History will cover various topics of interest including:

1. Maori Pakeha relations in the 19th Century
Meet remarkable figures like Hone Heke; famed flag pole destroyer, General Duncan Cameron; British soldier who led his troops to defeat in the Waikato, George Grey; Governor of New Zealand, who swung between favouring Maori and attempting to take away their land, as well as missionaries, sealers, whalers and traders who lived in the bawdy, bustling brothel town of Kororareka, the first capital of New Zealand. Why did Britain decide to annex New Zealand? Why was the Treaty of Waitangi signed? Why did the New Zealand wars break out?
2. Research topics
This component is internally assessed and comprises up to15 credits. Different topics are chosen from year to year depending on the interests and strengths of the students, availability of resources and the requirements of the standards.

A student will be withdrawn from a standard if the teacher is not confident that the achievement of the standard is within the reach of the student or there is no evidence of the student attempting the assessment.

Recommended Prior Learning

Students need not have taken History at Level 1 or 2, but need to be able to read in-depth, complex material. They must be able to write in a clear, logical and well-constructed way, formal essays of 800 to 1200 words in length. A minimum of 14 Level 2 credits in a Level 2 Social Sciences subject (History, Geography, Economics, Classical Studies, Media Studies) or 14 L2 credits English 1 or 2 is required, or in consultation with the teacher in charge (Mr Gregory).

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Ring binder, A4 Refill (14B8), subject dividers, highlighter.
A personal device is preferred for this subject.


It is the policy of Taupo-nui-a-Tia College to have school-wide policies that inform parents and students of the criteria for administering all Assessments for National Qualifications.

Credits listed may change.

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