NCEA Level 3 Media Studies - Academic

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs C. Findley

Recommended Prior Learning

NCEA Level 2 English 12 credits 

Media studies is a multi-faceted course which focuses on a balance of analysis and production. Students will be encouraged to look closely at deeper messages within various media texts such as journalism, film and social media, with a strong focus on writing, and creating. There is a significant production standard in this course which will require students to plan and produce a short film. Some prior knowledge of editing programmes, such as iMovie or Premiere Pro, will be an advantage, as is access to a personal laptop and device for filming. Students considering media studies could be on a career pathway to journalism, public relations, communications, human resources, design work and advertising. 

A student will be withdrawn from a standard if the teacher is not confident that the achievement of the standard is within the reach of the student or there is no evidence of the student attempting the assessment.

Course Overview

Term 1
91492 3 credits

Term 2
91494 4 credits
91495 6 credits

Term 3
91491 3 credits

Term 4
Exam preparation 91493



Detailed Course Outline Assessment Policy & Procedures
Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

A4 Refill (14B8), Pen, Personal latop and device for recording (phone acceptable) recommended

Pathway Tags

Director, film critic, journalist, reporter, social development research, television presenter, lawyer, social work, human resource management, teaching, archaeologist, diplomat, economist, fashion designer, film director, interior designer, police detective, political researcher, environmental scientist, planner, travel consultant, ecologist


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Credits listed may change.